The Future of
Global Trade

What is Outward

Outward is a platform that takes the hassle out of international exporting. Using the Outward platform, you can be matched with importers looking to buy what you have to sell, and have the entire transaction guaranteed by us, using Blockchain technology.

How does it work?

It's a simple, three step process

Importers will engage with us, looking to buy your quality products. We will then set up a conversation on the Outward platform, to chat with you about what you can supply.

You will get a notification about the new conversation, and can chat with us about what you have. Make us an offer, and we'll select the best offer (or offers), and proceed with the transaction.

Using our blockchain technology, we'll sign smart contracts, set up milestone payments, and execute the transaction. Then, you'll ship the goods, we'll hold the money in escrow for the duration of the process, and you'll get paid once the goods arrive safely.

Blockchain technology

Want to learn about how our blockchain technology facilitates guaranteeing of transactions, and enables secure trade to be done in insecure places? Check out our TGE page to read more


If you are currently exporting goods, looking to begin exporting, or just generally interested in what we're doing, get in touch with us below - we'd love to chat.

No business is too big or small, no product too obscure. Outward is the simplest, fairest, and most efficient way of getting your product to people who want it.

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Outward is commited to making international trade cheaper, faster, and more secure.

We envision a world where countries who need growth the most can find it through trade, while at the same time benefitting us all with wider choice and cheaper prices.

If you are interested in the Outward platform or our token, email us at

Outward - doing secure business in insecure places.