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Global trade can be tricky at the best of times. Particularly for exporters and importers connecting and establishing new relationships.

We created Outward to help address inequalities identified in the bank intermediated trade finance system. Too many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) struggle with obtaining a bank letter of credit or find the costs prohibitive. The Asian Development Bank reports that up to 50% of SME trade finance applications are rejected. Resulting in buisnesses paying for goods in advance with no protection, or even worse, new importers giving up on their dreams of starting their own business.

Outward provides a simple trade payment solution that does not require a trading history or credit line, if you have the funds we can help you secure your trade in minutes.

Our story

Outward was launched in 2019 to provide a new option for secured payments. We are passionate about developing digital solutions to support international trade and remove trade barriers for the SME community.

Traditionally exporters have sought new customers to either pay in advance or provide a letter of credit. Paying in advance can be daunting, particularly if you don't have an exisiting relationship with the supplier and are concerned they may not send the goods.

To solve this problem, Outward developed an international trade escrow platform. An alternative payment risk solution to an on-sight letter of credit.

More recently we also expanded our platform to support domestic trades in New Zealand.

Escrow is a process where a 3rd party acts as an intermediary to ensure both participants to a transaction deliver on their obligations. From the seller perspective: that the buyer has the funds to pay for the goods; and from the buyer perspective: that the goods have been shipped or delivered before the payment is released.

We have built an amazing team of people to help do this and are very proud of what we have achieved to date. Join us on our journey.

Meet the Team

Erin Walshe


Troy Mackie


John Quinlivan


Peter Dowell


Nigel Lawry

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Brock Wills

Full-stack Developer

Caitlin Hildyard

UI/UX Designer

Jeremy Liss

Software Developer

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Our Advisors

Subhas DeGamia

Trade Finance Advisor

Dean Oppenhuis

Key Legal Advisor

Jeremy Sprott

Trade Finance Specialist - Banking

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