Secure your payments with Outward's escrow service

All escrow payments are held by Escrow Services Trust (EST), a seperate entity to Outward Limited. EST is a fiduciary arrangment that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries (in this case you the users of the escrow service).

Escrowed funds held by EST cannot be used for any purpose other than being transferred to the seller or back to the buyer. Management of escrowed funds held by EST are governed by Outward's Terms of Use and the Escrow Services Trust Deed.

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Outward provides confidence at every step

Outward's trade management platform is easy to use and helps your business create transactions with confidence and security whilst also reducing your administration time and effort.

Less Trading Risk

Provides assurance that the funds are available to pay the seller, and are not released until the goods have been shipped, or delivered.

Single Point of Truth

A transparent process ensuring each party meets their obligations.

Reducing Cost

A simple and transparent fee structure, which in most cases is cheaper than a bank Letter of Credit - and much more secure.

Simple 5-step process

Create a Trade

A buyer and a seller enter trade details, including payment milestones and release conditions.

For international trades how does Outward compare to a bank letter of credit?


Does not require a credit facility, or credit check

Your payment is the security

Quicker to establish

Lower transaction costs

Reduced administration time


A self-managed process for approving trade documents, similar to an open account transaction, but within a secure central platform

Reduces the risk of document discrepancies invalidating your payment guarantee after the goods have shipped

Is quicker to establish

Allows you to get your goods out the door and payment faster

Reduces your administration time and effort

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